90’s Throw Back NHL Gear

I’ve been considering that it would be in my best interest, and great for my personal sanity, if I began a hockey section on this blog. I’ll have my art and music, but I’ll also have my corner for hockey. I can’t be the only noise artist who loves hockey, and I also can’t shut up about it. If this website is a direct representation of myself, then hockey is the integral part missing.

I tweeted @ the NHL earlier today asking if I could design cool merch for them. Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath. But, in the meantime, I’m designing my own stuff that I can print and wear for half the price. Like, good 90’s throw back style gear. That needs to come back so bad, NHL, I’d design the coolest threads for you. At a very affordable and reasonable rate. I’m just trying to pay my bills, I love the NHL, and trust me – I know good street fashion. 

I want to importantly note, if there’s any sick AF hockey players reading this and would maybe interested in me designing cool merch for you personally – email me at uu@uuvolvi.com. I would be so stoked to make something for you! 

Keep your eyes peeled for affordable throw back style hockey threads soon.

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